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Municipal Scooter Legislation

Working on behalf of her client Lafayette Consolidated Government,  Dawn worked to pass Louisiana’s first law regulating motorized scooters. 


In 2019, after hundreds of electric scooters were deployed in Lafayette, the Mayor-President asked Dawn to pass state legislation to define "electric scooter" and empower municipalities to regulate them through local ordinances. 


Dawn convinced the Senate Transportation Committee Chairman to author the bill, and worked closely with Louisiana’s Department of Transportation and Development Secretary to ensure state buy-in.  She engaged the state municipality associations and lobbyists for electric scooter vendors to ensure all stakeholders were represented - and to avoid an unnecessary legislative battle.


With her strategic and transparent approach, Dawn was successful in ushering in legislation that defined "electric scooter" in Louisiana statute, empowered local municipalities around Louisiana to assure scooters were deployed safely, and allowed scooters to be put into commerce in communities across Louisiana. 


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